With Mesa's custom analytics and solutions, schools and districts are already achieving outcomes – from reducing human error, to saving time and money, to deriving new insights from valuable data.


We make analytics easy.

Mesa is an analytics as a service company that assists schools and school districts in running more efficiently. We customize products to fit district needs and ensure that inefficiencies are eradicated whenever possible. Both of our current products are geared towards ensuring that students are placed in the courses which they belong and that human errors in scheduling are not causing students to fall behind. 

We also provide students with insightful reports that allow them to see where they stand with their credits and grades and what they would need to achieve in order to graduate on time with and without special endorsements.  Additionally, Mesa provides excellent service by listening to our customers and providing enhancements and customizations on regularly.




SchedulE Assistance

OnTime is a program designed to assist registrars, counselors, students, parents, and teachers in ensuring all students meet graduation requirements and are placed in classes that help forward that goal. The scheduling system in most schools today is at risk for copious amounts of human error. Mesa OnTime is here to fix that. 

School & District Level Data

OnTime tracks school level and district level data to allow a birds-eye view of school progress as a whole. It also provides data on progress toward meeting HB 2804 Requirements for Domain 4, so that all involved parties can ensure students are able to maximize their ability and interest while in school. 

Personalized Student Reports

Every student is given a personalized OnTime report to provide them with full disclosure of where they currently stand, how many credits they need, and from where. OnTime ensures that students can track their progress toward graduation, while pushing them to earn specific endorsements.


MESA Accelerate


Streamlined Processes

Scheduling students into classes is one of the most tedious, time consuming, and mundane operations that administrators, counselors, and teachers deal with year in and year out.  MESA Accelerate is here to do exactly what the name implies, speed that system up. Mesa Accelerate allows what would usually take weeks and months to take minutes. By using Accelerate, Counselors can now focus on counseling, administrators can focus on setting their staff up for success, and teachers can ensure students' needs are met.

Flexible Course Requests

Use Google Docs? Surveys? Or something you created yourself? No matter what you use, Mesa can work with all your methods of collecting student course requests. 

Don't have an online method yet? Use ours! Our goal is to provide you the flexibility to use what you're familiar with, while changing the way you schedule for the better.


Accuracy Checks

We ensure that students get placed in the classes which they belong. Our algorithm adapts to your school or district preferences; whether that be prioritized scheduling for a team of teachers, a grade level, or a particular subject. It analyzes your master schedule, student requests, and transcripts to verify that students register for the correct courses and that class sizes are balanced.  



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