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Mesa exists to eliminate scheduling errors in high schools. No student should miss their graduation because an adult made a mistake. Nationwide the student to counselor ratio is 497:1. This imbalance is exacerbated in large urban districts where students have fewer safety nets and easily fall through the cracks. This structural weakness means that essential administrative tasks like course placement, scheduling, academic guidance, and social work become much more expensive and prone to human error.

Mesa onTime is a digital safety net: by providing visualized road maps to students combined with analytic dashboards for school and district administrators, we catch kids close to the edge before it’s too late for them to graduate. Mesa onTime is highly customizable and allows users at each level to get a better idea of where they or their campuses stand.


Mesa OnTime


SchedulE Assistance

OnTime is a program designed to assist registrars, counselors, students, parents, and teachers in ensuring all students meet graduation requirements and are placed in classes that help forward that goal. The scheduling system in most schools today is at risk for copious amounts of human error. Mesa OnTime is here to fix that. 



Personalized Student Reports

Every student is given a personalized OnTime report to provide them with full disclosure of where they currently stand, how many credits they need, and from where. OnTime ensures that students can track their progress toward graduation, while pushing them to earn specific endorsements.



Mesa Free Audit


No commitment required

Find out how many students are slipping through the cracks and how much that’s costing your district. Get detailed information. The Mesa audit allows you and your team to see exactly where the holes in your systems are, and helps you get started in crafting a plan to fix those holes. With Mesa on board, we can work together to ensure that future scheduling produces fewer errors and quicker detection of those errors


Accuracy Checks

This preliminary audit will allow your district to assess the areas where your current SIS isn’t meeting your most pressing needs, and where Mesa can fill those gap in helping you, your IT department, counselors, registrars, and CTE pathway specialists to ensure students are getting what they need.

We ensure that students get placed in the classes which they belong. Our algorithm adapts to your school or district preferences; whether that be prioritized scheduling for a team of teachers, a grade level, or a particular subject.   



“As a high school principal, Mesa gives my deans and counselors back hundreds, if not thousands, of hours that they would have spent analyzing each class, each semester’s grade, for each student, while comparing it to the district’s and state’s graduation requirements. Plus, in each semester, it will allow us to run trend data for attendance, state tests, and credits earned.
— Rene Sanchez, Chavez High School, Houston, Texas